About CPDI

CPDI provides your educational institution or civil society organization with professional training programs, workshops, and other activities to enhance productivity, efficiency, and leadership capacities. -SFL Hub#110400218074 since 2017 in the Kingdom of Thailand. We have supported successful development in schools, universities, companies, non-profits, CPD gaining leadership in ranking, promotional career growth and advancement. We use research to guide our focused programs and execute them with experienced competence. We have supported successful development in schools, institutes, companies, non-profits, and proudly, with our flourishing youth leaders international. With us, you can design a professional development plan that fits your organization. Our services ultimately rely on which areas you need to develop in your teachers, staff, youth-leaders, youth, or students.
Courses for Proficiency Development (CPDI) was established to provide professionals at all levels with affordable, accessible and enjoyable online training opportunities.

Continuing profIciency development has become a key identifier in the eyes of employers, both when recruiting candidates and nurturing career development. Reaching your full potential in any industry or capacity means committing yourself to ongoing development and embracing every opportunity to grow and evolve.

Experience and Expertise

As experienced providers of elite online study programs, we know what it takes to bring out the full potential of every candidate. Whether pursuing promotion or looking to take your career in an entirely new direction, a high-quality e-learning programme could make all the difference.

Each of the courses we offer provides the opportunity to earn recognised qualifications or certificates of completion, demonstrating your new skills and knowledge. We also offer comprehensive tutor support from start to finish, giving every candidate the best possible chance of success.


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Frequently asked questions

What is CPDI?

CPDI Definition and Meaning

Continuing Proficiency Development International (CPDi) TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CERTIFICATION PROGRAM takes a multi-dimensional approach to long-term career development. Any learning activities undertaken by professionals for the purpose of developing new skills and enhancing their current capabilities represent elements of Education

What makes CPDI different is the way in which it encourages pursuits that go beyond mandatory training and education. It is a lifelong initiative of ongoing improvement, encompassing a wide variety of academic and professional activities

Committing yourself to ongoing improvement provides you with the opportunity to stand out from the crowd as a leader in you field. Whether considering a career change or pursuing promotion with an existing employer, it is essential to update your skills and knowledge on a regular basis. The approach you take to CPDI is up to you, but anything you do to broaden your horizons could prove invaluable for your long-term progression.

Not only do members of the workforce who engage in CPDI benefit from improved performance and career prospects, but organizations that support and encourage CPDI benefit from the strongest possible human resources.

CPDI incorporates countless self-improvement activities, which are typically categorised into one of three categories:

Typical CPDIE Activities

CPDI can include a wide variety of beneficial activities. Examples of which include the following among others:

  • Blended Classroom based learning
  • Workshop participation
  • Online training programs
  • Conferences and lectures
  • Private study and reading
  • Practical work experience
  • eLearning/Flexible Modular Programs

How can CPDIE help me?

There are many practical advantages to CPDIE but it really is a case of ‘you will get out what you put in’.

The key to successful CPDIE is in the word ‘continuing’. By routinely planning, recording and reflecting your professional development it becomes easier to measure and evaluate. Plotting and tracking your professional learning progress will help you reach your goals.

CPDI can help you by:

  • Proving that you keep up to date with best practice proficiency
  • Strengthening your professional credibility with current and future employers
  • Improving your confidence
  • Increasing your job satisfaction
  • Accelerating your career development
  • Demonstrating your commitment to professional development

How is CPDI Measured?

There are many aspects of CPDI which cannot be measured or demonstrated in a physical capacity.  For example, you may vastly improve your knowledge of a subject by studying at home, but have no way of verifying this to a prospective employer.  By contrast, other approaches to CPDI (like online training programs) result in the provision of certificates, or perhaps even recognised qualifications.  For obvious reasons, these tend to carry significantly more weight in terms of career opportunities and advancement.

Who Should Commit to CPDI?

Quite simply, anyone looking to reach their full potential in terms of both competencies and career prospects should consider professional development training courses.  Taking a passive approach to career development is a guaranteed way of fading into the background.  By contrast, those who are proactive and embrace every opportunity to improve themselves will always stand out as the most promising prospects to employers.  Regardless of your current position, capabilities and chosen industry, there are always limitless options for ongoing personal development.

How Do Employees Benefit from CPDIE?

Employees can benefit from commitment to CPDIE in a multitude of ways, which include but are by no means limited to the following:

  • Gain and maintain a competitive advantage over peers
  • Become more proficient, capable and confident in your current job
  • Stand out as an ideal candidate for promotion
  • Improve salary and benefit packages through proven dedication
  • Enhance your reputation and self-confidence
  • Use new skills and knowledge to branch out into new areas
  • Enjoy much broader and more rewarding career prospects

How Do Employers Benefit from CPDI?

More employers than ever before are actively encouraging CPDI, having identified a multitude of potential benefits which include:

  • Significant improvements to workforce performance
  • More capable, reliable and consistent employees
  • Improved staff motivation and morale
  • Significantly better employee retention rates
  • Enhanced workforce commitment
  • A greater capacity to promote from within
  • Unlocking the hidden potential and talent of existing employees

What Are the Benefits of Flexible Modular/Blended CPDI?

Once again, the benefits of online CPDI can be viewed from two perspectives – employee benefits and employer benefits.  Just a few examples of how online CPDI opportunities can be advantageous include:

  • Significantly lower costs for the business
  • Unique accessibility and flexibility
  • Access to a comprehensive range of courses and programs
  • The ability to study anytime and from any place
  • Quicker completion (50% faster than traditional courses)
  • Recognised qualifications and certificates
  • Simpler management of staff CPD opportunities

How Do Online Training Courses Work?

Once enrolled, the employee will receive all resources and learning materials required to successfully complete the course.  Each course is broken down into manageable, digestible units, while expert tutor support is available at all times. The candidate simply needs a computer with a reliable Internet connection – the rest is provided as standard.

What About Assessments/Exams?

In order to gauge the knowledge and progress made by the employee, each unit concludes with an assessment.  These assessments are then emailed to the candidate’s assigned tutor for moderation, after which the results and feedback are communicated.  There is no requirement for classroom attendance at any time during the course.