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Our classroom, auditorium, conferencing is virtual blending. This age group is working on developing their fine and gross motor skills, that are gaining independence and developing their social skills through play.
2014, Filcom Event Management

2014 Filcom manage  to execute events  in the such as SME seminars, Eduhub at Bangkok Thailand

2017, CPDI open its portal.

CPDI Continuing Proficiency Development International with CPDI Reg# 110400218074 Bkk, TH released the Scholarship program until today.  CPDI Thailand merged with Theo Gnosis Consultancy in the Philippines.

2020, Certification and International Accreditation.

CPDI Accredited Training Provider  received ISO Certification and International Accreditation

Bangkok Thailand 10220
Lipa City Philippines
International Bureau of Management
CPDUK Accreditation Group
Bangkok TH
London UK