CPDI offers different courses spread across a fiscal year period in blended learning and self-paced learning.

    Students can also choose from different elective subjects offered within these courses as per their interests. These mainstream courses are conducted as per the CPDI curriculum with the aim of imparting the best academic education to our online students. CPDI is an Accredited Training Provider.


    TES Certified TESOL Advance
    DPS Diploma in Professional Studies in Education
    DCE Diploma in Community Education


    DBM Diploma in Business Management
    DTM Diploma in Hotel & Tourism Management
    DPE Diploma in Psychology Education
    DMM Diploma in Marketing Management
    ITM Diploma in IT Managementl
    DNA Diploma in Nursing & Healthcare Assistant
    DIC Diploma in Caregiving
    DSD Diploma in Social Development
    ICA Community Ambassador Programme

    How it works:

    The course can be completed online at your own pace. For most students, it will take around 4-5 weeks to complete all of the lessons and earn your courses


    Upon completion of the course you’ll be awarded your digital PDF certificate.

    Physical copies(paperback)  of your certificate can be requested and shipped if you later wish. Shipping fees depend on the destination, for more details please contact us with your address/postcode. send email to info@ssbureau.com

    As an accredited by CPDUK  The TESOL  certificate it can be used in popular ESL teaching destinations around the world, including in Vietnam, China, Japan, and Korea, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia. The certificate can also be used to teach online.

    We have tutors available to chat with if you need any help, and we reply to emails soon after if we’re not online when you need help. email: info@ssbureau.com

    Your certificate will display your name, date of completion, course details, accreditation details, and your unique certificate ID number – which can be used to verify the authenticity of your certificate.

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