Partners of the Conference

You can collaborate with (Conference name) as a Hosting, Academic or Strategic partner.

1. Hosting Partner /Academic Partner/Strategic Partner


According to an agreement between the two parties (University/Institute/Organization and CPDI), the following benefits will be offered to Hosting Partner /Academic Partner/Strategic Partner.

  • Complementary registrations
  • Special Discounts applicable for university representatives
  • Other benefits
  • Opportunity for university representatives to join the scientific Reviewing Committee of abstracts and full papers.
  • Opportunity for University representatives to serve as session chairs and to serve on the evaluation panel of the conference.
  • Opportunity for Plenary Speakers and Invited speakers.
  • Distributing the University’s promotional materials with the conference registration pack.
  • Including the University logo in all Printed and Digital Media platforms of the Conference.
  • Providing the opportunity to the University/Organization/Institute to send 5 full papers from non-presenters at the conference for publication consideration in CPDI conference publication sources and in peer-reviewed international journals.


Please note that the above-mentioned considerations can be changed according to the terms of the MoA (Memorandum of Agreement)/ MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed between the parties.


2. Reviewers of the Conference

  • Selected outstanding reviewers: 30% Discount
  • For other reviewers: 10-15% Discount
  • Reviewers who serve the Conference for 2 or more years continuously: 15-20% Discount

(The number of reviewed papers and the quality of reviewing will be considered)

Send your requests for:

Hosting Partnerships to

Academic/Strategic Partnerships and to become a reviewer   to


3. General Scholarships

 The Conference offers scholarships for delegates and students upon the availability of funds.

  • You can send a special request for consideration for these scholarship programs to the conference organizing a committee.
  • The conference organizing committee will make the final decision.
  1. Letter requesting a scholarship
  2. Approval letter by your university
  3. Abstract (the scholarship will be awarded based on the quality of your

-Policy change from time to time.