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Free Education: Internationally Recognized. This program is excellent for individuals willing to start a teaching career, changing professions, and even existing teachers that wish to update their teaching skills. If you like to teach abroad, Non-English Speaking Country , teaching to immigrants and foreign students, this program is for you. For the best results, enjoy the material, complete all assignments, engage in group discussions, participate in the final exam, and keep up with the schedule. with Practicum 80hours / Research Paper Required
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The Diploma of Community Teaching Education Preparation is designed to help you gain the academic skills needed to progress to a bachelor degree in education. In this course, you’ll learn skills and knowledge to help prepare you for work in an educational setting.
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Are you after a career where you can create positive social change? Social work and community development are rewarding career paths where you can be the change in your community by helping empower individuals and groups of people to take control of their lives Social Work Development (12 MODULES)
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Develop professional hotel competencies such as effective communication skills, good customer service skills, leadership, and teamwork to ensure you provide a first-class service Gain supervised practical work experience directly related to your academic and career goals. Become immediately effective within the hospitality and tourism industry by gaining an understanding of the principles and procedures of a range of hospitality functions, including front desk operations, housekeeping and food and beverage production
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The course discusses the three somewhat complex forms of thinking that are commonly pursued in classroom learning: critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem-solving. The course then goes on to explain how these are stimulated, using two types of instruction: Teacher-Directed and Student-Centred.
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Coming Soon! FREE EDUCATION Teaching Science Ed gives you a tour of biology, chemistry, and physics. Biology is the study of life and living organisms, chemistry is the study of matter and its properties, and physics is the study of matter and its motion. This Science Education  is course is designed to help you gain a better understanding of these three vital subjects so that your science studies, and maybe your next exam, will be a lot easier.
DSTEM-Diploma in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
This DSTEM course is designed to help people pursuing careers in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). STEM careers are some of the most highly paid and respected in the world. No matter what level of math you currently have, you can always get a little better. Enhance your career! Enroll with us now!
Business management  course will give you an overview of company structures, different organization functions, and business environments. This will give yu a deeper understanding of how companies operate and take the guesswork out of business management ethics and entrepreneurship. Becoming an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work and skill, this course aims to make that journey easier. Enroll Now! It's Free!
DNHS-Certification in Nursing and Healthcare Skills

Enrolled: 13,781

Healthcare skills and Nursing care will teach you nursing techniques. Our nursing skills training is designed to help people to get into Care Assistant/ Support worker jobs within NHS and private hospitals, Nursing/Care homes as well as GP surgeries. This training is recommended for people who wish to become hospital health care assistants but have no experience or have had a long career break.
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DIC-Diploma in Caregiving

Enrolled: 8,456

The Diploma in Caregiving course is open to all students and has no formal entry requirements. To study this elderly care course, all your need is a passion for learning, a basic understanding of English. You must also be over the age of 14. The Diploma in Caregiving will give you the necessary skills to provide effective health and safety care to any clients or family members in your care. You will learn the fundamental roles and responsibilities of carers, legal issues when working with a client, and identify aspects of medical conditions and emergencies. You will learn how to care for and communicate with ageing individuals with different types of health issues. Equipping your healthcare employees with caregiving training helps eliminate conflict between clients and employees, lowers the frustration levels for both parties, provides better customer service to your client and more.  
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Certificate in Professional Teaching Program (CPT)


The program includes topics in the principles of the teaching profession, educational technologies, techniques of teaching as well as the measurement, evaluation and practicum in managing and monitoring student learning.

Participants SEMINAR -Professional Educational Level-Up/Ranking Action
Institution Safety and Health Management

Enrolled: 1,636

This self-paced walkthrough Seminar Managing Health and Safety in Public/Private Schools will teach you about the health and safety regulations that are found in schools and workplaces around the world. In a school or workplace, safety is everyone's responsibility. This safety training course will familiarize you with health and safety regulations, recommendations, and emergency preparedness measures.
Head Teacher Training Course

Enrolled: 3,694

Head Teacher seminar Training course will teach you about the structures and responsibilities that are required to support right Head Training in your school. You will learn the importance of appointing a member of staff to take the role of Head Teacher in your school .. You will also learn when new Head Teacher Training Program should take place in the school timetable, and more!
Facilitation & Leadership Management

Enrolled: 2,829

Learn about coaching, mentoring, leadership, influence, and management facilitation skills. This self-paced seminar Certification defines the coaching and mentoring. Explaining the importance of trust within a team. Describing the evolution of Leadership and Management. Analyzing strategies dealing with difficult people.
Management Performance and Strategic Planning

Enrolled: 3,795

Self-paced seminar 'Performance management' strategy aims to provide the mean through twhich better results can be obtained form the organization teams and individuals by understanding managing performance within an agreed framework of planned goals. The clear benefits from managing individual and team performance to achieve organizational objectives.
Supervision and Management Skills

Enrolled: 4,109

This self-paced seminar learning about  the innovation , organizational structures, managing teams, process, leadership and motivation. Explaining solution to resolve conflict and process for implementing delegation and how to be a motivator.
Coax Strategy: Tools and Skills

Enrolled: 2,746

This self-paced seminar coaxing teaches about exerting your influence. Tools & Strategies can be life-changing and will dramatically boost your ability to influence. Gain and learn to motivate people to pake action, be able to handle any objection, gain connections and much more!!!
Effective Communication for Educators

Enrolled: 1,865

This seminar training course scope an effective communication for educators. It helps them effectively communicate with their students by teaching the most important types of communication skills and their use effective in the classroom.
Business Leadership Skills

Enrolled: 2,039

Level up your leadership abilities and management skills . Educators must learn and gain wisdom of business professional. This self-paced seminar gain how to organized your company, selecting your personnel, staffing to bring success to your own organization.
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