The IBM, Bangkok is pleased to announce the launch of Englishcode Tutoring – English Training courses for adults and corporations. As a school that has had a long standing history of providing the best education in Thailand the school plans to use the same English language expertise to aid language development for adults in the workplace.

Business English course will give you the skills and confidence to meet the challenges of using English in business world.

As we understand the nature of working life and recognize the difficulty in finding time for language development the courses on offer will be flexible and can be tailored to suit individual needs. The length of study periods include:

ENGLISH FOR ZERO ENGLISH KNOWLEDGE (can’t read, write, speak English)  60hours

Module 1.1   Englishcode- Read , Write, Speak (Best English Learning Method)
Module 1.2  Interactive Comprehension Reading(Best Award Winning Interactive Reading Worldwide)
Module 1.3  Basic Conversation English


05-12 6500thb/week (3hours)
15-20  4500thb/week (3hours)

To ensure you get the best out of our English language courses we will ensure proper evaluation methods will be in place both before the course begins and after. A placement test prior to the course training will be administered for all course attendees and assessment tests after the training will determine the progress.

Our fully qualified native-English speaking teachers are experts in Business English training and have had years of experience teaching comfortably and successfully using English to non-native speakers.

The curriculum is designed by the director of studies and has been developed to ensure you get the most out of the bespoke courses thereby guaranteeing your improvement in English communication.

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